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Our Services

At Cascade Surgical Partners in Yakima, our specialty is general surgery, or the evaluation and surgical management of health problems in the following areas of the body: the skin and soft tissues; the breast and axilla (underarm); the intra-abdominal organs; the gastro-intestinal tract; and the endocrine system. We also provide surgical management for cancer and for management of patients with trauma or who are critically ill. Listed below is a more detailed explanation of the services we provide:

Skin and Soft Tissues

We provide surgical management of benign growths and lesions, skin cancer and malignant tumors.

Breast and Axilla

Learn more about breast cancer surgery »

Intra-abdominal organs

All surgery for intra-abdominal organs can be laparoscopic or minimally invasive. Learn more about gallbladder, spleen and appendix surgery »

Gastro-intestinal tract

Learn more about gastro-intestinal surgery »

Hernia Repair

Learn more about hernia surgery »

Endocrine System

Learn more about Endocrine surgery »

Surgical Oncology (Cancer)

Cancer surgery in Yakima »

Management of Trauma and Critically Illness

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